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Used children clothes

Discover our selection of used clothes for children from 0 to 13 years. In Mercato delle Occasioni website you will find the best cloths for the little ones at really affordable prices!

Short Boy Adidas Gray Size 11-12 By

Short Boy Adidas Gray Size 11-12 By

€ 9,00

Short Boy Adidas Gray Size 11-12 ByAll the products in our store are new or used in good condition, thoroughly tested and verified by our staff.

Shirt Boy Gap White Size M

Shirt Boy Gap White Size M

€ 5,00

Shirt Boy Gap White Size MAll the products in our store are new or used in good condition, thoroughly tested and verified by our staff.

We all know how quickly time passes, but there is a category of people who, more than all, are really aware: parents. It is not strange, whilst speaking of children, to hear phrases such as: “You have gotten so big!”, “Looks like yesterday that you were this tall", "Time passes by so fast”; and you find yourself looking at old photos or browsing all the relics collected over the years: drawings no longer hanging from the refrigerator, but lovingly preserved, with the first puppet, the first pair of shoes and the first onesies.

Marking the passage of time, for parents, another factor also comes into play: the constant change of clothes; whether for sudden growth, for an indelible food stain, or simply because it’s worn out, the clothes in the children's closet are never the same for a long time and shopping for your little ones may take longer than you anticipated.

How to not make your wallet cry

To avoid waste and excessive spending, it is still common to reuse clothes from older brothers or sisters to younger ones, give them to some friends with children or, in a habit that is becoming more and more popular, sell them in a thrift shop like the Mercato delle Occasioni.

As a matter of fact, we have an area dedicated to used clothing for children from the age of two: in addition to games, you'll find season-suitable clothing for both boys and girls in excellent condition, thanks to the work of our team, that selects only stainless garments without defects (for example rips or malfunctioning zippers) at pick-up. Also, thanks to the assistance of our own customers, who wash and check the clothes at home.

As with all items on sale at the Mercato delle Occasioni, the price is set with the customer during collection, with a common guarantee for both seller and buyer: the convenience of being able to fill up the wallet a little, or having to empty it a little less.

A matter of Style

Using Facebook, Instagram, and the internet, today's children are much more in touch with the world of fashion than we were, making them develop opinions on their style much earlier.

To support future influencers in fashion, at the Occasion Market we have big brands for little men and women: from "Treviso Benetton" to the popular Moncler, Desigual, and Moschino to the most renowned Ralph Laurent, Burberry, and many others.

‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčFurthermore, if the idea of dragging your children into exhausting dressing room rehearsals doesn't thrill you, know that all the branded items can be viewed and purchased in our online shop.