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Where to sell paintings online


Where to sell paintings online

For some strange reason do they give you paintings every year? While cleaning the attic, you found dozens and dozens of paintings and you don't know what to do with them? Are you an emerging artist who wants to sell their work of art?

Nothing could be simpler: just upload everything online, right? No, that's not enough, and if you want to avoid losing on a good profit, we recommend you read on!


Let the house breathe

Getting rid of an item can seem simple, with so many sites where you can sell a variety of things!

On the other hand, you will think, there are giants like Amazon, eBay, Subito ... But for the moment, don't think about the expenses that you will have to carry out yourself, such as, for example, shipping costs; or you don't think about the fact that, while you wait for a buyer, your space will remain occupied.

And then, let's face it: nowadays, on many of these sites, it is necessary to have almost inhuman patience: the people who will ask you endless questions just to waste time will be really a lot, some will write to you just to judge the painting ... I don't know about you, but we care about our nerves!


Budding artists

If you are much more than people like us, who find paintings in an attic, that is, emerging painters, then we recommend that you take a look at sites such as Etsy, Rise Art, and many others! Do not rely on Marketplace, eBay, or similar sites, as they cater to too large a clientele, making your search for a buyer useless!

In fact, you will have to take into account that art is loved and appreciated by many people, but initially, there will be few who are ready to put their hand to the wallet. But don't think that the audience you will have to address is a bunch of middle-aged men with whom it will be diļ¬ƒcult to relate: the potential buyers of works by emerging artists are increasingly younger, we are talking about Millennials (people born between 1981- 1996, ed.).

The problems, however, are always the same: the space that, until the sale is made, remains occupied and the exhausting waiting!


Know thy art

A small suggestion we make to everyone is to know what you are going to sell: whether they are the works of grandmother Bertalda, forgotten in a corner to get dusty under a sheet until today, or that they are your very personal artistic works, fresh from tempera and ready to be sold, the artistic knowledge and history behind a work can definitely raise the price!

If the painting is yours, describing the painting technique used and the inspiration behind the painting can captivate a skeptical audience and lead them to pay not only for your talent but for the story itself; if, on the other hand, it is a painting of some historical relevance, get ready to look for the license of authenticity and to tell (or invent in a very credible way) the story of how it came into your possession!


Exposed Classics and Neo-Artists

Whether you are simple art lovers, artists who want to get out of the cocoon, or people who want to follow Marie Kondo's instructions and free up space, the Mercato delle Occasioni can help you! 

In our shop, in fact, you will find our immense Relax Area: this, with the attached spiral staircase, has exhibited a hundred paintings (and perhaps a little more) as well as various other works on special racks for displaying paintings! Bring us your most precious works, the result of your creativity or simply of your attic: in addition to getting rid of them immediately, and obtaining a profit in a short time, you may be lucky enough to be exposed along our wall of most beautiful paintings!