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Where to buy musical instruments on the internet?


Where to buy musical instruments on the internet?
Did the muse of music call you or your children? There's a moment in everybody's life in which we are seized by the desire of wanting to become guitarists, bassists, or violinists.

What blocks you the most in following your own gut is the amount of money you'll have to spend on musical instruments, as you could be unsure whether it is a fading passion or a real vocation. That's why we at the Mercato delle Occasioni are ready to help you.

Where to buy second-hand musical instruments

In our online flea market, you'll find all the musical instruments that'll make it possible for you or your children to follow your passion. We guarantee the quality of our merch: in fact, we set high standards for the second-hand we sell, and we strike deals for everyone's pockets.


The most beloved musical instrument is certainly the guitar: whether electric, acoustic, or classical, it represents, in the imagination of many, the musical instrument for excellence. The modern guitar originates from the Baroque guitar, which in turn derives from the medieval five- stringed instrument called "quinterna" (from the Latin "quinque" = five and the Persian "tar" = string).
The first Persian lutes were mounted with only 4 strings of silk threads hence the word "Chahar" four strings and "Tar" strings from which the Arabic word Qîtâra. The first medieval guitars had four strings as well as the lute: from the Greek kithára, and then from the Latin cithara derive the terms guiterne (quinterna), Gittern, citole, and guitar. The oldest guitar-like instrument discovered is 3,500 years old and was retrieved in the Egyptian tomb of Har-Mose Sen-Mut. A millenary history that over time has led to implementing several changes to an instrument that has now become fundamental in any band.
In our showcases, you will find guitars of all brands: Fender, Brian May, and the Ibanez, to name a few, perfect for experienced and beginner musicians, and suitable for all budgets.


If, on the other hand, you feel closer to classical music, the instrument par excellence in the world of strings is the violin. A musical instrument with four strings tuned at fifth intervals. It is the smallest instrument among his family members. The best-known violinist of all time was an Italian, Niccolò Paganini, born in Genoa in 1782 and died in Nice in 1840.
Many of the most famous and appreciated luthiers worldwide are also Italian: among these, Antonio Stradivari, Giovanni Paolo Maggini, Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, but also the historical dynasties of the Amati, Guarneri, and Testore. Here you can find different brands including Stentor, Yamaha, and Gliga.

Websites to sell used musical instruments

We at the Mercato delle Occasioni are ready to help you in selling your beloved instrument, with the help of our showcases, or through the Kijiji and e-Bay platforms. We will guide you through a safe sale, to a buyer who will fall in love with your object.