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Selling used smartphones: here's how


Selling used smartphones: here's how
It's almost time to buy a new phone: you already see yourself clutching your new piece of cutting- edge electronics, you shudder at the very thought. But then an idea flashes into your mind: what if you earn something from selling your old phone? But where to sell it: in a physical store or directly on an online platform? Besides, do you sell it like this, or do you have to reconfigure it somehow?

Selling smartphones online: Where

What you should do most is to access some online sales site and upload your smartphone with some nice photos: in fact, this is how you will earn more, it is immediate, simple and you can sell your item. at the desired price! They are like gods
modern newspapers in which to place your ad for free, except for the fact that to put it in the spotlight (i.e. at the top of the site page) for a limited time, you will have to pay a small sum of around 1 or 2 euros. Enter a method to be contacted and the method of
payment of a possible buyer and voila! Just wait.
You will find hundreds of sites that we also rely on, such as Kijiji or eBay, as well as using our second-hand online shop and publishing your smartphones in the Electronics and Audio section.

Selling smartphones online: How

In addition to choosing where to sell your used cell phone, you should choose how to do it: do you want to sell it in the state in which it is, with perhaps some ailments and malfunctions - thus earning considerably less and making it more difficult to sell - or do you want to have it reconditioned?
In a refurbished phone there is, to begin with, a reset and correction of all the main functions and processors (power on and off, volume quality control, battery performance…). Then we move on to an aesthetic check, then a replacement of parts
Scratched or possibly damaged, as well as accessory parts (batteries, earphones, and chargers). The functions will then be reset to return the smartphone to the factory state, and it will be sanitized and sanitized.
After passing these phases, the phone is subjected to a final test that will evaluate the general quality and the perfect functioning of all its parts. Only at this point will it be packaged together with its accessories to be placed on the market new.

We'll take care of putting your smartphone up for sale!

However you decide to sell your smartphone - even if we recommend regenerating it - we at the Mercato delle Occasioni will be more than happy to help you in the sales process. We know how unnerving it can be to wait for a response from a possible buyer, or how many get in touch even if they are not really interested: why not relieve yourself of all this stress and entrust us, with the platforms we rely on or our website online second-hand market, your old phone? Go to the store to have it evaluated and you will see that, in no time, your phone will have been bought by someone!