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Paintings for your home


Paintings for your home

We have already said this in another blog: a bare house is a sad house and, in my opinion, lacking in creativity. For this reason, on our walls, some piece of furniture should be posted that inspires us and stimulates our mind: and what better object than a painting?


On the wave of relaxation

If you want paintings that evoke an atmosphere of relaxation and peace, you just have to buy paintings with a maritime landscape, such as a coast at sunset with calm waves on the horizon: these types of images are among those that most lead our mind to wallow in endorphins (or hormones of well-being), as the common imagination approaches this category of landscapes and representations with the concept of vacation, therefore relaxation and enjoyment of the spirit.


He loves me, and makes me smile!

Falling in love and the early stages of a relationship are always full of beautiful things and free from negativity, doubts, or uncertainties: some of the images that, for the most part, can make you happy as if we were newly in love, are related to the realm of flowers!

Receiving a beautiful bouquet, on the other hand, is proven to significantly increase our serotonin levels or, in other words, put us in a good mood.

Beautiful paintings at the entrance of your home depicting flowers could, very often, improve a bad day for us without even knowing why!


A window on beauty

Are you trying to escape from where you are, but can't move at the moment? One of the best ways to escape, at least with your imagination, is to read a good book ... Or get lost in contemplating a painting with an exotic landscape, unknown to us!

Put it in your bedroom or living room and, although at first you may feel stupid doing it, try to stare at the painting, look at the details ... In no time at all, you will see that you will find your mind wandering through unknown worlds and far away.


Cheap paintings

Are you looking for paintings that are right for you, but don't want to spend a lot of money? Do not worry: in the Relax Area of the Mercato delle Occasioni, you will find many paintings of multiple genres and depicting the most diverse subjects, all at low prices or very discounted prices!

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