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Italian collectible vinyl


Italian collectible vinyl

Some spoke of a momentary return of the vinyl record, and those who said it was a circumscribed phenomenon reserved for an audience of a few, stoic enthusiasts; instead, the latest research on global trends speaks for itself: the good old record is back, more in vogue than ever!


The giants of music, thanks to the newfound popularity of the analog format, and the addition of the essential consequence of the hunt for phonographic reproduction systems - which would theoretically beat the purchase of music streaming memberships - will increase significantly (it is thought) purchase prices due to the inevitable increase in vinyl printing.


How much can a vinyl record cost?


Vinyl, as we have said, is coming back in fashion by recovering that charm of a unique and unreproducible object, shifting the attention from the simple audio file to the actual concept that wraps the product, from the booklet to the artwork up to the color of the lacquer. giving the record that emotional value which also translates into economic value.


It is not, as many think, a larger and more cumbersome compact disc, but a real product of the highest quality: in fact, not only an unparalleled sonic superiority is sought, but a rigorous and very precise study is also carried out as regards the design. of the object in all its aspects.


For these reasons, you will not find vinyl records that are worth keeping and listening to, which cost less than 30 euros, and indeed, you may find very rare records - and in perfect condition - that can reach a value of 1500 euros.


Where to buy used vinyl


Also in Italy, the sale of vinyl (in particular as regards reissues) has confirmed its growth in the last 5 years: ours is, in fact, the fifth European market after Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands, and the seventh worldwide for the physical sale of vinyl records.


However, the imminent increase in prices to continue production could convince many listeners to give up even this phonographic support, if the expense risked becoming prohibitive, thus putting in difficulty a sector that was giving multiple signs of recovery.


To try to limit this problem, the Mercato delle Occasioni wants to meet the needs of new and old lovers of this modern vintage format for musical enjoyment: here, in fact, you will find vinyl records in perfect condition at low prices, without excessive overestimation that they can be found online or at other retailers. Furthermore, if you want to browse them in complete calm, or quickly search for a title, you can access the online shop.