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How to get rid of stench from shoes?


How to get rid of stench from shoes?
It happens to everyone: having to take off your shoes in front of other people can be an occasion for discomfort and embarrassment due to the not always pleasant fragrance emanating from our shoes.
How to remedy this unpleasant problem?
First of all, we need to understand what leads to the appearance of bad smells: the cause lies in the formation of bacteria that find their ideal soil in shoes. This is due to physiological factors: the foot is naturally rich in sweat glands and the inner skin of some shoes retains sweat with greater intensity, transforming the shoes into warm humid environments in which bacteria, fungi, and molds proliferate.
The situation obviously gets worse if we wear shoes without socks or when the weather conditions to which we subjected our shoes were not the best; also dealing with used shoes, we at the Mercato delle Occasioni know a few tricks to overcome this problem.

Remedies for bad odors in shoes

There are many specific products on the market to clean and deodorize our shoes, but the do-it- yourself remedies are numerous and equally effective, let's see some of them.

Hand or machine wash?

If the shoes are made of canvas, you can wash them by hand (in this case use a brush to help you remove the most stubborn stains) or in the washing machine, choosing a short washing cycle, for delicate garments and at low temperatures.

Sodium bicarbonate

Powder with a thousand household uses, it is also perfect for eliminating bad odors: just put a spoon in the insole of each shoe, spread it well, and leave it to rest all night to find in the morning scented shoes as if they were new. If you do not have baking soda on hand, you can also use talcum powder: the method of use and final effect is the same!

Apple cider vinegar

Even this common cooking ingredient can prove to be an excellent ally in the fight against bad odors: malic acid and acetic acid in fact alter the environment of microorganisms, preventing the growth of bacteria responsible for bad odors. To use vinegar as a deodorant, soak small pieces of cotton wool and leave them inside the shoes for at least twelve hours.
These remedies are, after all, the most common and known, but there are others much more imaginative, which we list below.

Tea Bags

With the first cold weather, the tea and herbal tea season begin: did you know that these too can be an anti-waste and ecological remedy for bad smells? After using the tea bags, keep them and, once dry, put one in each shoe overnight. If you want an even more intense scent you can add the zest of a lemon, mandarin, or orange.

Cat Litter

Cat lovers will be happy to add another reason to the list of why cats are better than dogs: the litter box sand can be converted back to shoe deodorant! Also, in this case, the procedure is

similar to what we have seen so far: after filling two socks with sand, place them inside your shoes and let them act overnight.
Having made this roundup of methods that we at the Mercato delle Occasioni use to remove the stench from shoes, we leave it to you to find the most effective for your shoes!!