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Home cleaning with natural products


Home cleaning with natural products
Maybe you don’t know, but there is a way to clean your house respecting the environment as well as your wallet: natural products. These infact do not contain harmful chemicals for your health and, being do-it-yourself products, they are cheaper than the ones bought at the supermarket.


Data about damages

Housewives all, listen to us: daily use of household cleaning products could turn out to be an unhealthy habit!

According to a study by the Norwegian University of Bergen about harmful effects of certain types of household products such as cleaning items and sprays, harmful effects on the organism can be compared with those caused by smoking: an extended use of these products over time could seriously damage lungs, just as if you smoked 20 cigarettes a day; you could experience lung disorders and serious breathing failings, following constant inhalation of specific chemical particles.


Bases of a good do-it-yourself

There are three basic ingredients that are always almost part of the products that you can put together over your place with a minimum outlay:

• Bicarbonate: one of the most successful natural remedies, it has excellent abrasive properties, making it an outstanding cure for the most stubborn dirt on hobs, oven, microwave and refrigerator, and anti-limestone, and can therefore be used for the sanitary facilities cleaning.
• Vinegar: suitable for its degreasing and sanitizing properties, it is perfect to polish pots and to degrease dishes, to clean stoves, refrigerator and oven; for that last and for microwave we suggest, apart from sprinkling the vinegar on the surfaces, to fill a pot with two fingers of vinegar and put it in at a temperature of 40 º C for about twenty minutes. By this way you will melt the stored fat on the walls and you will get rid of the food smells.
• Lemon: known as do-it-yourself cleaning par excellence, this citrus fruit sanitizes and polishes surfaces: just squeeze the juice on a soft cloth and sprinkle it on steel surfaces, such as stove and taps, to make them shine.

Some simple home cleaning recipes

We let you some simple recipes that we also use and which really work, in order to have products at half price compared to those bought at the supermarket:
• Do-it-yourself degreaser: pour into an empty spray bottle about 400 ml of water, 5 tablespoons of alcohol, 6 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Shake before use and go for your clean up!
• Do-it-yourself dishwashing liquid: let a pot boiling with 1 liter of water; while you are waiting for it to boil, squeeze the juice of 3 lemons and add 2 salt tablespoons. Then add everything to the pot with 500 ml of vinegar. Mix well (until it becomes a smooth essence), let it cool and bottle it.
• Do-it-yourself laundry detergent: put some water to heat in a pot, and add 200 grams of Marseille soap and 2 cups of baking soda, stirring it until thickened. Drop the result in 4 liters of water previously heated and mix it; after a rest night, you can pour it all in a bottle.

Natural products ready to use

If you do not have time enough or patience to carry out all these process, we understand very well your position and we would like to tell you that we of the Mercato delle Occasioni have, as always, the solution to the problem: in fact, in our store you can find many completely natural and non-harmful products for your home. You can find them right in front of the till or you can check in our online shop!