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Tie recycling: ideas on what to do with old ties


Tie recycling: ideas on what to do with old ties

Ties recycling: ideas about what to do with
old ties

How many of you, whilst setting up your closets, came across a unused set of ties for
years? Among those who have done lifelong an office job, it is quite common to collect over time
many types of ties.
So, what to do with the ones you don’t need anymore? The first solution you might think about is to
throw them away, but actually there are so many better options. This accessory, in fact, lends itself
very well to recycling and there are so many ideas on how to reuse an old tie.
In this article, therefore, we will right discover how to recycle old unused ties for a long time and
thanks to our tips you will realize that creating original DIY things thanks ties recycling is not only
very simple, but it’s also a very funny activity!

How can you recycle ties?

One of the accessories which gives elegance to a man’s outfit is definitly the tie and there are
many people who buy a different one for each occasion. However, this habit can lead to forget
about what has been previously bought with the result to collect in the closet dozens and dozens of
ties that over time fade and lose their beauty.
How to reuse, then, ties that no longer own the charm of a time? Possibilities are really
endless. With ties, in fact, it is not only possible to get very original garments and accessories, but
this object is also suitable for household items creation.
To get a much clearer idea of what we said, let’s see together what it is possible to realize with
unused ties.

What can I do with old ties?

In this part of the article we’ll show you some examples about how you can recycle old men’s ties
that are no longer worn.
As follows, some veritable tutorials that explain step by step how to recycle ties in a practical and
original way.
Thanks to our tips, you will not only learn how to create original accessories for your look, but you
will also get ideas about how to use ties to decorate your home.

How to make a skirt with ties?

One of the most chic way to perform a creative ties recycling is to realize a skirt. It is a bit difficult
proceeding but, with proper attention, it will allow you to get a really sophisticated garment.
To create a tie skirt you have to:
1. Take the measures of the person to whom the garment is concerned.
2. Set up the length of the skirt: short or long.
3. Open all the ties by removing the label and the stitchings between the two flaps (you have to
remove the stitching which runs along the whole tie holding together the two inner flaps).
4. Remove the inner lining of the ties, open them and iron any folds caused by the old seams.
5. Take the sewing machine and make a small zig zag on the cut portion and on the entire length
of the side ends.
6. Join the ties together and sew by a sewing machine.
7. Finally, sew the elastic inside the skirt.

How to make a belt with a tie?

Realizing belts is perhaps the easiest way to recycle old ties.
To create this pretty accessory, in fact, you just need to insert the tie into the pants loops.
Otherwise, if you wish to add a splash of color to a wide dress, you can simply wrap it around the
waist and close it with a knot.
Finally, to give it even more personality, you can enrich your belt with a beautiful decorative buckle!

How to make a bag with tie?

Another way to recycle old ties is to create from scratch or to coat bags. In the first case, to make a
DIY bag you will need at least two ties to create the shoulder strap.
This last, in fact, has to be enought thick to hold out the weight of what the bag contains. For the
rest, just sew the ties together in order to form of a bag and fix them to the shoulder strap.
Once you get the a bag shape, just add a zip and you’ll get a beautiful daytime bag.

How to recycle silk ties?

As we said earlier, used ties recycling not only allows you to create accessories to enrich your
look, but it is also a way to decorate your home in a truly original way, especially in case of silk
ties. Thanks to these accessories, in fact, you can enjoy many possibilities and, to proof it, we want
to show you some of them.
First of all, old ties can be used to dress up or renew straw-seat chairs. Creating tie pillows, in fact,
is a way to cover in a simple way damaged parts due to the time.
Alternatively, another beautiful object to create with ties is a carpet. To get it, just sew the ties
together and what you will get will be a very stylish living room decoration.
These are just some ideas on how to recycle second-hand ties using imagination and creativity
skills right to achieve these accessories in many other ways!

Recycling vintage ties

As you can read in the previous paragraphs, vintage ties recycling is a very successful activity and
there are many objects that can be obtained from this simple accessory for men.
However, if you plan to recycle your old ties following one of the tips we gave you but you think you
don’t have enough of them, one way to catch up more pieces is to go to a flea market.
We at Mercato Delle Occasioni have an entire section dedicated to used ties and in our online
shop you can find really nice pieces at a very cheap price.
What are you waiting for! Visit our online store and find the used ties you are looking for at super
affordable prices!