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Sustainable economy and Creative recycling 6 Post found

I did it too ... what are we talking about? Of course, about creative recycling: I went to the PC and instead of typing "how to recycle a mink coat" or "how to recycle a sheepskin coat" I thought it was time to say goodbye to my old married life and to type "how to recycle the wedding dress “and, I was delighted to see that this research yielded many results, perhaps as many as those for recycling terry towels!

Yes, because recycling old objects helps to exorcise their end and to give them a new life, a second chance.

For example, if you choose recycled furnitures for your place or creative recycling of furniture... Would you not wonder who they belonged to, if the hands from which they were touched before were sweet and respectful or strong and massive? How have they been treated, have they been respected...?
It happens to me especially when I recycle sweaters or trousers ... I think about the person who wore them before me, if she was a sturdy or a slender person, tired or lively, I can almost feel her on ...
I can't imagine what it would be like to recycle an old double duvet!

I have seen old recycled demijohns, recycled pallets and I have also admired Christmas trees with recycling decorations ... but fortunately I have never witnessed the recycling of feelings connected to all these recycled objects, because if recycling objects to throw away is a duty, wearing fresh daily emotions is always a pleasure.

As follows I will give you some useful tips to recycle and to make a healthier world!


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